Three strikes case of documented gang member:
Hung jury after intense cross examination of the arresting officers.

Underage DUI with a .09 breath test:
Reduced to an infraction, with an 8 hour class.

Possession of Marijuana:
Dismissed by the court after motion to exclude evidence granted.

2 counts of Attempted Murder and Mayhem:
Acquitted after jury trial.

Airline Pilot facing registrable sex offense and revocation of pilot’s license:
No jail and no sex registration.

1st DUI with .10 BAC:
With the aid of expert testimony, DMV set aside the suspension.

Chiropractor with prior conviction facing two cases of Domestic Violence and allegations of abuse of his own children:
Both cases dismissed after investigation and 10 weeks of anger management.

Voter fraud:
Dismissed by the D.A. after trial.

2nd DUI with a .18 BAC within 2 years of the first one:
No DMV suspension.

Robbery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor:
Community service on misdemeanor and informal probation.

Embezzlement spanning over two years:
Community service and informal probation.

Marijuana possession charged against both driver and passenger:
Both cases dismissed by the court with proof of Doctor’s approval.

Thanks for all your help with my case.  we am feeling so much better knowing that my case won’t be filed and if the police knock on my door, they will only be asking for donations to their retirement fund.”  L.F.

My case was dismissed after Mr. Grupenhagen spoke to the court and the police officer. I was so geared up to have my day in court, I kind of regretted that I didn’t get to argue myself.”  C.S.

Mr. Grupenhagen worked tirelessly in getting charges against me dropped. I was facing life in prison, but he helped me feel at ease, and the case never even went to court!”  A.C.

Thank you Attorney Grupenhagen! You were right all along in saying that the jury would not believe that I didn’t commit all those terrible crimes. You made an unbearable situation manageable with your sense of humor and patience. I owe you big time.”  J.H.

“I can’t say thank you enough for handling my case and getting such a great result.  When you say that you represent your clients as you would your brother or sister, you did just that with my case.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my friends to you if needed in the future.” Jose M.