Over 20 years of experience representing individuals in criminal cases in and around Orange County, CA.  A boutique criminal defense firm that will provide a high quality of service because we are committed to thorough and passionate representation for our clients. See a list of notable case results. Whether you or a loved one is being investigated, has been arrested, or given a citation, is in jail or out on bail, Defense of your case begins now. Contact the office to get the absolute best results possible! The web is full of articles, advertising, and information good and bad. The problem is, sometimes it's impossible to differentiate between them. We make it easy to do the initial consultation because it's the best way to get pertinent advice about your specific case.

Knowledge and familiarity of local courts and aggressive representation translates into better results for you!

This way we can concentrate on familiarizing ourselves with the various people that work in the court where your case is located. There are 5 courts in Orange County that handle criminal cases and traffic matters adult and juvenile. The court website can help answer general questions, but a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County can get your answers almost immediately. You want to know what to expect. What defenses are available to you? How can you help in your own defense? And a million other questions that our experience in handling similar matters will assist you.
We handle criminal matters and related cases in and around Orange County, CA--both adult and juvenile cases. See our blog about specific articles that may interest you and are relevant to your case. From A to Z, Arrest to Sentenc-Zing, take the time to call or email the firm for a free case evaluation.
On many cases, we can appear for you and you may never have to appear in court. This allows you to avoid the humiliation of standing before the judge, in public, in addition to the time sitting around waiting for the court to call your case.

Orange County Criminal Lawyer that will listen and help you through this difficult time.

Many courtrooms daily advise unrepresented parties that they can expect to spend all morning and maybe all afternoon before their case is called. More importantly, without your own lawyer, the District Attorney is ready with a trained, skilled attorney NOT WORKING FOR YOU!--to get your guilty plea without even giving you an opportunity to read a police report. You have the absolute right not to talk about your case to any law enforcement, including the DA, protect yourself and your rights!
We want to help you get past this tough period and move on with your life while not having to suffer from irreparable harm to your current and future employment and career plans. For young people, often your future is what needs to be protected the most. Getting the best disposition is paramount. You don't need to sit in jail, nor do you want to, if you are charged with a minor offense. And if you are facing serious charges, don't expect to serve a long jail sentence automatically. Contact an Orange County Criminal Lawyer to fight for you, or you face a lengthy incarceration period.